Salzburg Wohnbau x Project R70


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The R70 project involves the very special deconstruction of an old retirement home in Salzburg. We tried to reproduce this complex process in this film in order to minimize long, complicated speeches at conferences, congresses and presentations and to bring the whole specialized audience up to the same level within two minutes.

During the deconstruction, the old building stock was digitally recorded using „Scan to BIM“ to provide the basis for a structured deconstruction with separation of the different materials. In addition, a „digital twin“ can be used to simulate the material paths and make unwanted impurities and pollutants visible.

The recycled material is used in the subsequent new construction of the residential complex. A central point of the R70 project is the recyclable use of the materials concrete, wood, steel, glass and shell concrete, which account for 70% of the total material input. For the first time, it was agreed with the suppliers of the main building materials that the same amount of used materials would be taken back and returned to the production process – in keeping with the circular economy.